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As the gateway to the Atchafalaya Basin, St. Landry Parish provides rich experiences where diverse cultures and the natural environment blend through hard-fought and respected traditions. It is against this backdrop that St. Landry Parish students from twelve municipalities receive an education steeped in high-quality Tier I curriculum. Our 2022-2023 comeback theme is "Focusing on Reconnecting, Rebuilding, and Relationships." St. Landry Parish School District has incorporated the “joie de vie” experience through our course offerings, parental engagement activities, community service projects, professional development opportunities, student supports, and ancillary services. With the help of a supportive community and professional teams, we have designed a blueprint for academic excellence, continued growth, and progress.

We hope you will consider joining our St. Landry Parish School District family.


The mission of the St. Landry Parish School Board is to ensure high-quality instruction while working collaboratively with families and communities to maximize every student's potential.



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