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Cartridges For Kids


Port Barre Elementary is recycling and would like your help.  We are recycling used cell phones, empty laser, fax, copier, and inkjet cartridges as well as, laptops, Palm Pilots, iPods, tablets, eReaders, and Notebooks for two reasons. First, we are trying to preserve our environment by keeping these harmful items out of landfills, and secondly, to raise funds for our Instruction Lab at school. 

The recyclable items that are collected are returned to Cartridges for Kids (CFK).  Port Barre Elementary is among more than 12,500 non-profit organizations nationwide that are helping the environment by recycling.

How can you help?  You can turn your "trash into our treasure" and feel good about helping the environment all at the same time.  Most people have used cell phones to dispose of and almost everyone uses cartridges, either at home or at work.  They come from fax machines, copiers and printers. 

By donating these used items you can assist Port Barre Elementary with earning much needed funds. Community and business supporters can also participate. All items can be dropped off at the following locations:  our school office or the Instructional Computer Lab. *Students need to turn in all recyclables to the Instructional Computer Lab. 

To learn more about Port Barre Elementary's program, please call Mrs. Callie Soileau at (337) 585-2922.

OR CONTACT US AT 1-800-420-0235

Together we can make our fundraiser a success!